South Shore Fellowship is a church located in Bridgman, Michigan. We focus on contemporary worship and small group discipleship. "It's all about relationships."

New Sunday morning start time 10am

Summer is over and South Shore Fellowship's Sunday morning worship service is now 10am

Newsletter March 2014

The last of the boxes were about to be taped up and labeled. As I surveyed the organized chaos around me I had this thought: "If all of this sinks to the bottom of the ocean it really wouldn't matter all that much."

Newsltter 1-13

January 2013
It was a typical Thursday morning. I was meeting with Dalton Stanage (our worship leader) for breakfast when all of a sudden a thought came to me. Maree and I were going to take their kids for an overnighter so they could have a get-away.

Moose on youtube

Moose shares about Christian Motorcycle Association's "Run for the Sun"

Pastor Scott Willis on youtube

Pastor Scott Willis sharing his story at South Shore Fellowship, Sunday April 25th, in Bridgman MI at WEKO Beach Cafe. On November 8, 1994 Pastor Scott and his wife Janet lost their 6 younger children in auto accident. Their faith and God's Word have sustained them all these years. Copy and paste in your browser.